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We model and distill design concepts and business strategy into successful brands. In our process, we look for unassumed designs that transpire your brand’s personality and create value.

Our expertise stretches across the whole branding spectrum, from identity design, naming, business consulting to seductive brand applications, all the way to custom software and digital solutions.


Easily digested is easily forgotten

We don’t shy away from uncharted territories and offbeat ideas. The familiar route is often an easy way out, and everyone could use a bit of courage ‐ even brands. Make the bold choice, don’t aim for the obvious.

No brand is an island

Stand‐alone cleverness is overrated. Brands exist in a context determined by your market, competition and audience. No one is going to examine your image in isolation. Branding is about understanding where you are and how you fit in the bigger picture.

A fine balancing act

Meet your audience in the middle, but no further. Great branding balances what you want with what you actually need. It’s all about listening to your business’ demands while staying true to your values.

The Team

Andrei Cosma

Creative Director

Petre Sabău

Creative Director

Alexandra Pop

Project Manager

Raluca Onți

Graphic Designer

Mihai Danciu

Graphic Designer